TeaTreetment Beard Oil

Teatreetment Oil For Beard Nourishment & Moisturizing

The TeaTreetment Oil is powered with the natural benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil. It is an effective anti-dandruff beard oil which simultaneously beats dryness and acne too. It nourishes the skin underneath and also improves overall beard health. It also contains a hint of Cardamom to lighten Tea Tree's aroma.


TeaTreetment Oil acts as an antiseptic agent for your beard. The antibacterial characteristics of this oil prevents your beard hair from different harmful bacteria's. One of the main properties of this oil is that it helps in unclogging your beard pores which are mainly clogged by dirt and pollution. The effective compounds of this oil help in protecting your beard from external weather conditions and pollution. It makes your beard hair smooth and easily tamable. The regular use of TeaTreetment Oil makes your hair grow faster and healthier. It gives your beard a great shine and improves its texture. It has various qualities that are effective for your beard hair. It reduces itching and inflammation. Massaging it onto your beard stimulates the blood flow to your beard which helps in the growth of more hair follicles. Furthermore, the beard becomes oily and greasy because of the environment and catches dirt easily becoming rough and dirty. 

TeaTreetment Beard Oil is a non greasy beard oil which gives a healthy and fuller look to your beard hair. The regular use of beard hair sprays and different beard products that are full of unnatural ingredients destroy the naturally grown beard, making the beard hair weak, dry and dull. This beard oil has the cure to all of these problems. This oil has healing properties so it replenishes the skin underneath. It also acts as a natural cleanser against all the bacterial infections which usually affect the hair follicles. Since it acts as a moisturizer it controls the oil in your beard.