General Questions

What is the delivery time?
Delivery takes between 1-2 working days in Karachi and 2-3 working days all over Pakistan

Where are the products sourced from?
We are sourcing our products from a host of suppliers, both local and international to give you the best quality products at affordable prices.

Should I choose a mini brush or the regular brush?
If you have a small beard or a stubble (less than 1 inch) you can work with the mini brush. But if it is bigger then that, we strongly recommend the regular brush.

What is the difference between comb and a brush?
Comb is a handy tool primarily to untangle the beard hair. The purpose of beard brush is to evenly spread the beard oil throughout your beard, and to control the protruding whiskers better. Combs many a times fail to straighten out the wild whiskers pointing to the sides, this is where the beard brush comes in to help.

Whether to choose the Jumbo Wallet Comb or the regular size Wallet Comb?
Jumbo size wallet comb is for people with big beards, such as sunnah size beard as it has wide thick teeth. If you have a smaller beard then that, then the regular size comb is ideal.

Should I buy a Beard Oil or a Shampoo Bar?
Beard Oils are our core speciality, and this is what most people need. Shampoo bar is a complimentary product which just helps for better cleansing and opening up the pores so the beard oil can seep in. We would recommend to start with the Beard Oil and if you are buying a shampoo bar, always compliment it with the Beard Oil.

Should I buy Shampoo Bar? How is it any different from regular shampoos?
Beard Shampoo Bar is made from natural ingredients, contains Mint and Rosemary Essential oils, and is SLS & parabens free (chemicals used in regular shampoos). Prolonged use of these chemical containing products, specially if not washed of properly, can result in deterioration of hair quality, and skin complications. This is why we have launched the shampoo bar to compliment our existing cosmetic line. If you are satisfied with your existing shampoo, you can skip it.

I want to make my hair soft? What should I do?
Beard Oils will solve most of your problem, if used correctly. Hardness and coarseness of hair is largely due to dryness and absence of natural oils, which can be covered by the beard oils.

I have a patchy beard, or my beard hair are thin and soft. What should I do?
If you are less than 20 years of age, just relax. Your patches will fill up. If you are above 20, you can start massaging your beard with oils which will help more flood flow to that region, while also giving the right nutrition to your facial hair and skin. However, also note that there are many other factors involved such as genetics, hormones, diet, stress,and sleep, So try to live a healthy meaningful lifestyle, and see what is best working for you. We believe the intention to beard is more noble than the beard itself, so dont worry if you don’t. You are a true beardsmen at heart.

Questions about Beard Oils

Are your Beard Oils for growth?
Massaging with beard oils every day does promote hair growth, but Beard Oil Brands around the world do not put this as their sole proposition, as Beard growth also depends upon host of factors such as genetics, diet, sleep and hormones.

How are your Beard Oils so cheap, whereas they are $15-$20 in US?
We have intently offered introductory prices at very affordable prices so it can be afforded by most of the beardsmen. There in US, it is a very specialized niche market with high margins, whereas we are keeping it on FMCG model, with moderate margins, while giving the same, or even better quality than the US brands.

What purpose do the beard oils serve?
The primary purpose of Beard Oils is to provide the right nutrition for the beard and skin underneath nutrients which would enhance the quality and health of beard. Second purpose is that it is light and has a good aroma which enables you to put it on throughout the day, without smelling bad.

What are the ingredients?
We have specified the ingredients in the product descriptions

How much does one oil last?
It lasts 1-3 months depending upon usage amount and frequency. A big beard will take 1 month and a small one can take upto 3 months.

Are there any side effects of using Beard Oils?
There are no side effects of using Beard Oils as they are made using natural oils. The only artificial ingredient used in Beard Oils is Vitamin E oil which is used to prolong the shelf life of oils, and is a popular dietary product as well.

What is the difference between the Beard Oils?
The Beard Oils differ in their aromatic notes.

Which Beard Oil should I buy?
It depends on your taste of smell. See the aromatic notes of the Beard Oils ( Woodsy, Spicy, Minty & Herbal ) and guess which one you would like better. Ask yourself whether you like woodsy smells more or light citrus. Then buy accordingly.

How to use Beard Oil?
The best way to use beard oils is to apply after taking a shower and letting them dry (until they are left slightly damp). And then throughout the day, you can keep it on your table and apply whenever you feel the need to moisturize your beard 🙂

How much to use?
This answer depends on how long your beard is and how oily you naturally are. There are some general guidelines when using a beard oil: Stubble: Use only 1 drop of oil Baby beard: Use 1-2 drops Mid-length beard: Use between 3-5 drops Long beard: Use 6+ drops Protip: if your bottle doesn’t have a dropper, you can put your finger pad over the opening of the bottle and invert the bottle onto your finger. This will be equal to about 1 drop or a little less (so if you need 3 drops, just use 3 fingers!) Again, this is a starting point. Everyone absorbs oil a bit differently. Your best bet is to start with one of the guidelines above and adjust a bit each day until you feel you’ve reached that perfect amount. A little goes a long way!

How often to use?
While each person will use beard oil at different frequencies, in general you should use beard oil: 3-7 times per week will work for most people Apply it after most showers you take, because the shower washes out your natural oils Add a few spot treatments as needed, when your beard is looking dry or unruly Find the right balance for you, some people have enough natural oil for less frequent applications, others need beard oil twice a day! Adjust your routine based on the climate – for example, use beard oil more often when it’s cold or very humid Adjust based on your age – old age causes your body to produce less natural oil so you need more beard oil to compensate

Will it straighten my beard?
Some of the curls maybe due to genetics and some due to dryness. We donot have any product which directly straightens the beard, however by keeping your beard moisturized using oils, you will see improvements in curls which was there due to dryness.