Nourishment Kit- For Stubble

Maintain An Attractive & Natural Looking Stubble Beard

1 x Airy Alexandria Beard Oil
1 x Wallet Comb - Light

The Wabees Nourishment Kit for Beard contains our Airy Alexandria Beard Oil and Wallet Comb. Both are make up the most fantastic combination for a stubble beard.


This kit is great for someone who wants to maintain a good-looking stubble beard without much hassle. This 2-product kit gives your stubble the nourishment that it requires while also giving it a well-groomed look. The oil in our Nourishment Kit for Beard is perfect for keeping the beard hair and the skin underneath healthy while also moisturizing it and reducing any kind of irritation. Dandruff and itchiness are the most common issues people with stubble beard complain about. The moisturizing properties in this oil completely eliminate this problem and give the beard a polished and clean look. Our wallet comb comes with small teeth – ideal for a stubble. It’s a pock-friendly comb so you can take care of your beard anywhere.