Wabees Beard Shampoo

Cleanse Your Beard With Our Gentle Beard Shampoo

The hair on your head and beard hair are very different, which is why they both need different types of shampoo. The beard shampoo by Wabees is designed to keep the beard soft, smooth and manageable.

Volume: 140 mL


To avoid dryness, irritation and itchiness, the beard must be cared for and well-groomed. Wabees Beard Shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients that help you deal with these problems. Regular soap and shampoo are not as effective at cleansing thick beard hair as a specialized Beard shampoo is. This shampoo will thoroughly cleanse your beard as well as the skin underneath to avoid any build-up of oil and dandruff. Maintaining proper hygienic standards means keeping the beard clean, smooth and manageable, and this is where Wabees’ products come in handy. This shampoo makes the beard hair soft that causes it to become easier to groom and shape.

Wabees Beard Shampoo is an essential product for the modern bearded man. Beard shampoo gently cleanses the hair and ensures gentle care and it can be used daily.  Unlike other regular hair or beard shampoos, our shampoo is different. This shampoo is specifically designed to stimulate the growth of the beard hair which makes it the best amongst all, especially when it comes to reducing dryness and brittle beard hair. In addition to this, other shampoos commonly contain lots of chemicals which causes dryness, itchiness and gives a weak and rough look to your beard. Wabees beard shampoo, on the other hand, does not contain any harmful ingredients known to damage beard hair. Usually beards catch dirt along with dust becoming dirty very quickly which results in the production of bacterias. This is when our beard shampoo comes to the rescue. It protects your beard hair from dust, pollution and other weather conditions and keeps your beard hair soft, clean and super healthy.