Coco-Mint Beard Oil (Growth Oil)

Coco Mint Oil Lets Your Hair Grow Rapidly

After years of experiments, thorough R&D and real time testing we came up with the Beard oil for promoting hair growth! Coco Mint Oil is enriched with vitamins, minerals and other ingredients to strengthen the roots, increase blood circulation and repel dust particles. It has Eucalyptus oil, Camphor, Rose, lemon, Almond and Sandalwood to increase blood circulation which consequently promotes hair growth & reduces hair fall. Our Coco Mint Oil also contains Olive, Sesame & Jojoba oil to moisturize your beard and give it a sleek look. The peppermint and menthol in this concoction keep the skin refreshed & cool.


Making a hair growth oil has been a challenge. At Wabees, we want all of our products to do exactly what we promise they do. That is why, after much deliberation, we have come up with the Coco Mint Oil which has the perfect combination of various oils that will stimulate your beard hair growth. Besides hair growth, there are many additional benefits of applying Coco Mint Oil on your beard hair. The camphor oil also helps in maintaining a smooth beard texture while also prevents any lies from getting into your beard. The eucalyptus oil helps in strengthening and thickening your beard. The jojoba oil is known to be a great moisturizer.

It has almost the same composition as the natural sebum produced by the skin, so it hydrates the bread along with the skin underneath without blocking the pores. Peppermint has great cooling properties that give a refreshing feeling whenever you apply it. Not to mention that most of these oils are used in the formation of fragrances, thus, this combination is not only good for your beard growth and health but it’ll also make your beard smell heavenly. And who wouldn’t want that?! Especially when it’s using all-natural ingredients!

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