Wallet Comb- Light

Wallet Comb For A Well Kept Beard

Wabees Wallet Comb is specifically designed for small beards, this wooden comb has smaller teeth that will glide through your beard without building a charge. You can carry it in your wallet or simply in your pocket. This wallet comb is different from common beard or hair combs. We have used high quality wood to make this wallet comb so that it does not destroy your beard hair like other local plastic combs. This comb is perfectly handy with an appropriate size to carry it around with you wherever you go. Its smaller teeth help to make your beard hair look maintained and tangle free.


In addition to this, it works extremely well with a pair of scissors while trimming as it is easy to hold. When styling with beard balm, gel or wax, it gives the desired look to your beard. It works equally well on beard hair that is curly or frizzy.  This wallet comb is an ideal wooden comb for your beard. It has an attractive and sleek look so there’s no reason to get embarrassed when going out with it. We have chosen high quality wood to make it durable while the width between the comb’s teeth are specially designed to glide through your beard hair easily – the wider the gap, the easier it is to glide your comb through the thicker, longer parts of your beard.

If your beard’s coarseness is tender, then narrower teeth can be your exceptional alternative. In addition to this, it also detangles the hair without damaging and breaking them and gives a finished look to your beard. Unlike other beard combs or brushes that are made up of plastic, which make your beard hair weak and do not work well for styling, this wallet comb is the perfect choice for your beard. It’s your perfect everyday style partner!