Wabees Pro Kit for Men

Beard Pro Kit A Complete Kit For Your Beard

The Wabees Beard Pro Kit is the perfect styling and grooming kit for bearded men. It includes beard wax, a bottle of our infamous beard oil – Airy Alexandria Nourishing Oil, one expert beard trimming scissor and a heavy wooden wallet comb. The beard pro kit is an ideal kit as it contains all the necessary things you need for your beard in one kit.


The beard wax has been designed to give your beard the hold and volume it requires to look absolutely stunning. Furthermore, the wax is great for giving texture to your beard and makes it look smooth and shiny. It protects the outer layers of your beard as well. Along with this, it contains all natural sealants like shea butter, gum rosin, almond oil, magnolia essential oil, beeswax and lanolin. These ingredients are natural, help your beard look thicker and are less likely to irritate your skin. Airy Alexandria Beard Oil aims to soften beards, keep the hair and skin beneath healthy and reduce irritation.

It has a Minty-Citrus Aroma. It prevents dandruff and reduces inflammation and itching. It enables you to maintain a soft beard and to keep your beard and the skin underneath healthy. In addition to this, the Wabees Beard Pro Kit has stainless steel scissors and a heavy beard comb. These J2 stainless steel clippers come with a finger rest, swift adjuster and rubber grips. You’ll get superior functionality and precision when trimming your beard or carving out your cheek line. The heavy wooden comb will glide through your beard without building a charge. You can easily carry it in your wallet or pocket. Beard Pro Kit is the perfect companion for your beard. A great combination for nourishment and killer looks!