Earthy Jerusalem-Beard Oil

Earthy Jerusalem Oil - Get Rid of Beard Irritation

The Wabees Earthy Jerusalem Beard Oil aims to soften beards, keep the hair (and skin beneath) healthy and reduce irritation. It has an aroma consisting of Lime, which gives an Earthy-Citrus note. Earthy Jerusalem Beard Oil is a mixture of rich and full of nutrients essential oils. It contains all the effective oils which are essential for your beard. The ingredients in Earthy Jerusalem include Mineral Oil, Jojoba oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E Oil and of course Dinhill fresh scent to add a pinch of fragrance to the overall composition of this oil. Mineral oil plays a significant role in giving volume to your beard and makes it look more thick, nourishes it and keeps it clean from dirt, pollution and other external weather conditions. The jojoba oil in the Earthy Jerusalem Beard Oil is an excellent growth agent and also helps in making your beard look thicker and fuller. It reduces dandruff and provides natural protection to your beard hair.

Along with this, the olive oil which is present in our Earthy Jerusalem Beard Oil makes your beard hair well-nourished and stronger. The key ingredient, Vitamin E, in olive oil is best for moisturizing. It helps in locking moisturizer within your beard hair and keeps your beard soft, smooth and well nourished. On the other hand, almond oil is full of magnesium, protein and biotin which are minerals that have been proven to enhance the overall growth of beard hair. The sesame oil helps in reducing the chances of dandruff, makes your beard hair smooth and strong, adds shine to your beard and helps in the overall grooming of your beard. Vitamin E increases the circulation of blood which stimulates growth. It also prevents dandruff, itchiness and inflammation. This oil is your perfect partner for a healthy, strong and thick beard. Apply it regularly to witness the results yourself!

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